Introducing Nifty Royale

What is Nifty Royale?

Nifty Royale aims to disrupt the current NFT eco-system by providing additional utility and gamification elements to NFTs for both creators and collectors. By adopting emerging blockchain technologies including Chainlink VRF and IPFS/Filecoin we are able to create an NFT platform with a battle royale game executed on the blockchain on top of traditional sales. Through the on-chain game, the platform effectively constructs a no-loss prize pool for all participants while distributing a one-of-a-kind NFT to the winner.

How does it work?

The Nifty Royale platform facilitates curated primary sales (“drops”) and peer-to-peer trading of NFTs on the secondary market. For each drop, limited editions of original artwork by an artist will be minted as base NFTs and be available for sale at a fixed price during the initial sales period.

At the conclusion of the initial sale, all NFTs purchased will be entered into the battle royale game. NFTs will be randomly eliminated one by one until there is one NFT left to be crowned as the winner. The eliminations are executed on the blockchain to ensure that the process is fair and tamper-proof. The winner of the battle royale will then be rewarded with an upgraded NFT that fuses the original artwork with animations and/or music and is the only one of its kind minted. In the meanwhile, all other collectors who have purchased from the curated drop maintain ownership of their base NFTs and are free to sell their NFTs on the secondary market at any time.

What’s next?

For the beta launch, we are excited to collaborate with a prominent artist in the NFT space, @Lushsux. NFTs created by @Lushsux, which often combine his iconic graffiti arts with animations, have proven to be highly sought-after collectibles as seen here and here. He has created a piece of artwork exclusively for our first drop to celebrate the Chainlink Spring 2021 Hackathon which turned out to be one of the biggest blockchain hackathons worldwide. The Nifty Royale team is proud to have won one of the runner-up prizes out of almost 150 entries at the hackathon. More information about the beta launch will be coming soon!

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Nifty Royale is a platform that combines a conventional NFT marketplace with a battle royale game that is executed on-chain