Nifty Royale: Integrating Chainlink VRF for the Provably Fair Execution of an On-Chain NFT Battle Royale

Nifty Royale, a recent prize winner of the 2021 Spring Chainlink Virtual Hackathon, is excited to announce our integration with Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) — a decentralized service available through the Chainlink Network that uses oracles to generate and deliver a secure and verifiable source of on-chain randomness for smart contracts. With the adoption of Chainlink VRF, each curated drop on Nifty Royale is combined with a battle royale game, effectively constructing a no-loss prize pool for all participants while distributing a one-of-a-kind NFT to the winner in a provably fair and unbiased manner.

The Nifty Royale platform facilitates curated primary market sales (“drops”) and peer-to-peer trading of NFTs on a secondary market. For each drop, limited editions of original artwork by an artist will be minted as base NFTs, which are available for sale at a fixed price during the initial sale period. After the initial sale, all NFTs purchased will be entered into a battle royale game. Chainlink VRF is used to randomly eliminate NFTs one by one until there is only one NFT remaining that is crowned the winner. The battle royale winner will receive a one-of-a-kind upgrade as their prize. Meanwhile, all other battle royale participants still retain ownership of their base NFTs and are free to sell them on the secondary market at any time.

Despite the explosion of the NFT market, many NFT collectors are priced out of pieces that they want to obtain through traditional sales mechanisms such as auctions. Recently, several prominent NFT marketplace platforms have started experimenting with the mechanics of raffles or drawings in an effort to level the playing field. Unfortunately, these pilots have had mixed results. The following table highlights why Nifty Royale provides a superior solution over a conventional raffle or drawing:

Chainlink VRF provides a highly secure randomness solution that is purpose-built for smart contracts and is the key to ensuring that eliminations on Nifty Royale are truly random and tamper-proof. Chainlink VRF works by combining block data that is still unknown when the request is made with the oracle node’s pre-committed private key to generate both a random number and a cryptographic proof. Nifty Royale’s battle royale smart contract will only accept the random number if it has a valid cryptographic proof, and the cryptographic proof can only be generated if the VRF process is tamper-proof. The random number is then used to determine which NFT gets eliminated.

The Chainlink VRF process provides users with automated and verifiable assurances directly on-chain that each battle royale is provably fair and cannot be tampered with by the oracle, outside entities, or the Nifty Royale team.

The Nifty Royale team is aiming for a beta launch on Ethereum mainnet in June, with our first drop featuring artwork from renowned Australian street artist @Lushsux. Follow Nifty Royale on Twitter, join us on Discord, and sign up for the beta launch!

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About Nifty Royale

Nifty Royale aims to disrupt the NFT eco-system by providing additional utility and gamification elements to both NFT creators and collectors. By adopting emerging blockchain technologies such as Chainlink VRF and IPFS/Filecoin we have created a marketplace platform with an on-chain NFT battle royale. Each curated drop on Nifty Royale is combined with a battle royale game, effectively constructing a no-loss prize pool for all participants while distributing a one-of-a-kind NFT to the winner in a provably fair and unbiased manner.

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Nifty Royale is a platform that combines a conventional NFT marketplace with a battle royale game that is executed on-chain